Cheap Web Hosting Australia

Hello, and thank you for visiting our website. We just partnered with one of the cheapest web hosting providers in Australia. We have been in the web hosting business for over 8 years!

We provide our web hosting services at very affordable prices. If you are about to create your own website, then we are the perfect web hosting service.

Free Website Migration

Unlike other web hosting services, we provide our clients with a free transfer from another web host. We have a special migration team that is ready at all times to transfer your website content from the previous host and sets it up so it can work on our platform. You don’t need to pay or do anything in order to transfer, our team will take care of everything for free.

Web Hosting Benefits

There are a lot of benefits you can have if you choose our web hostings services such as incredible speed, unlimited storage and one of the best security systems that will keep your content safe. We even got featured on this list of the best website hosts in Australia.



I was so lucky to work with the best web hosting companies ever. They offer really quality service and all the staff members are very patient and helpful.

Jerry Smith

I made the best choice by transferring to this web hosting service, the quality of the service is outstanding. From the day that I transferred my site was never down.

Arthur Robinson

You just simply cannot find a better web hosting company. I have worked with many different ones and I must say that not one of them can match to this.

Bruce Hall

These days it can be very hard to find a good and quality web hosting service. I was lucky enough to bump into this. Once I had transferred I never looked back.

Roy Allen

Hosting Types

01 WEB

When you purchase a Web Hosting Plan, we will store your content (website) on our servers and also we will give it a unique DNS.

02 Cloud

This web hosting type is using the resources from many different clustered servers. The price is depending on how much space you require. Security on cloud servers is extremally high.

03 WordPress

This is considered to be the most popular building tool for websites. It is extremally simple to use, you get access to thousands of plugins and themes that are free.

04 Dedicated

This type of web hosting is different from the others because it gives the user an entire server that is not shared with anyone else. The user is given a full control over the server.


About cPanel – How It Works And History

About cPanel – How It Works And History

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Home Server

Home Server

A home server is a type of a server that is placed in a private residence, so it can provide services through the internet or home network to some other devices that are located in the household. Some of the services that a home server can provide are media center...

Support 24h



Our company also offers a 24/7 live technical support for our clients. You can either call us or use the live chat from the website. The support team is ready at any time to talk to you. If something is not clear for you about the web hosting process, the transfer from other host or you just simply have some questions that you would like to ask us, then feel free to do so.

We provide our customers high quality hosting services. We set our focus on security, reliability, speed and ease of start-up including personal back support

Our hosting services include:

  • Complete services for electronic business solutions
  • Email hosting services including advanced anti-virus and anti-span features
  • Web hosting services including redundancy on server hardware and network connection level
  • Hosting of customers’ own servers where customer provides the hardware and basic maintenance for the server