Our Company


We have a special migration team that is ready at all times to transfer your website content from the previous host and sets it up so it can work on our platform

Our goals

Our goals for the future is, of course, to improve the quality of our service. We will achieve that by improving the hardware, speed and Backup option.

Problem Solvers

The broad range of extra features allows IT Problem Solver to create a unique Web hosting solution for each customer.

Customer Support

Our company also offers a 24/7 live technical support for our clients. You can either call us or use the live chat from the website.

Our Story

If you want to learn something about our company, the history, and our future goals, then continue to read this article and we will reveal to you what is the way to success. Our company was founded in 2004. At that time, there was not many other web hosting companies, mostly because the internet was still kinda new to some people and they didn’t know how to use it. Back then there was approximately around 50 million live websites, you may think that is a lot but compared to today’s number it is nothing.

  • Brand Strategy 90%
  • Internet Marketing 84%
  • App Development 94%
  • Customer Happiness 96%

Rise of The Internet

Internet was getting more and more popular throughout the years, but the biggest rise in numbers of websites was in 2012. From 2011 to 2012 the total number of websites almost doubled, reaching almost 700 million live websites. In that period of time, a lot of existing web hosting companies had a major success and growth. That was notices by a lot of people and inspired them to start their own web hosting company, thinking they will make a huge profit. Unfortunately for them, not many companies succeeded because they could not provide the same quality of service as the companies that were in the business for a long time.

 The difference between a new company and us was in the experience we had and of course, the quality. We were improving and growing form 2004, they could not compete with companies like us. To this day, we continued to improve our services to provide the best quality for our customers and that is the reason why we are the number one web hosting service in Australia.