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Home Server

A home server is a type of a server that is placed in a private residence, so it can provide services through the internet or home network to some other devices that are located in the household. Some of the services that a home server can provide are media center serving, file and printer serving, web caching, web serving, backup, and account authentication services. Usually, it doesn’t require a significant computing power because there are not many computers on a regular home network. The Benefits of Home Server With installed home server, you can store everyone’s photos, videos and...

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About cPanel – How It Works And History

There are many different tools and resources that are available online, to start your own website is no longer a complex task that only professionals can do. However, if you want to start a big website for a serious business, then we suggest that you get some professional help that will provide you with better quality. To make a high-quality product, professionals use high-quality tools such as the cPanel which is the most popular control panel for developing. Linux – cPanel cPanel is essentially a control panel for web hosting that is based on Linux. It will provide a...

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Virtual Private Server

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