Nowadays the world is even more digitally connected because of that a good cyber security is needed even more for minimalizing the risks for your business. With the transformation of the digital world, firewalls have transformed too. These days we use a so-called next generation firewall that is specially designed to endure the modern-day threats. Our next generation firewall will provide you with safe data transfers and protect you from various malware attacks.

Why is Security Important

Secure hosting is important because without it most likely we would not have any websites, people would take advantage of them. You don’t want to invest a lot of money into something that is unstable and can collapse anytime. That’s why you need secure hosting that can provide you with the safety of your content. A good security system will prevent any malware attack from getting into your data.

We understand that our clients are counting on us because they use our service to store extremally sensitive data like information about usernames, passwords and credit card numbers. That’s why we focus every day to improve our security, to protect our reputation and your data.

Some of the Best Security Features

RAID is a specially designed security system that will keep your files when the servers crash. You can always tell if the web host is good if it has a RAID system installed. The only problem with RAID is that is very expensive and not many web hosters can afford it. Usually, the ones that have RAID charge the clients extra for it.

Uptime is the actual time that your website is online. Almost every web hosting service claim that they can provide 100% uptime. However, this is not true, a lot of web hosting services cannot guarantee that your website will be up at all times.

Backup Plan is something that the majority of web hosting services provide. Backup plan means that they will make a backup of your data that can be used in emergencies. Depending on the company they can offer daily, weekly or monthly backup of your content. The best option will be if you can have a daily backup, that way there are even fewer chances of you losing your data in a case of a disaster. It is important to read the information about the backup service the provider is offering because some providers put a limit to the backup.